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The Jazz & Blues Retreats vocal coaches, use the Rhythm Accent and Titze Straw Methods for breathing practice. Please familiarise yourself before the course.

We will also be working with other SOVT exercises such as the lip bubble, tongue trill etc.

Singing Overview:

Things to be Aware of…

Useful Links & Videos

Below are some aspects of singing that some find challenging, and we will be looking at them but you may like to do some preparatory… prep.

Singing - Jazz & Blues Retreats

Connect, learn, perform, and be inspired, at our jazz retreat
in the heart of the English countryside.
Next retreat: 15-18 April, 2022
Followed by 21-26 August 2022
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iReal Pro is a great app for chords - mostly jazz but increasingly other genres. It costs about £15 and takes a bit of getting used to. You have to download charts from the forum once purchased but once you get sorted it’s great. It will also play a cheesy backing in any key or tempo, for you to practice to.

Ultimate Guitar is a good source of chords for pop songs - though sometimes wrong!

Please prepare the following blues song and think about the key, style, groove in which you’d like to perform it.

The Seven States of High - suggestions and experiences regarding the singing of high notes.

Ad-libs vs Riffing & Running vs Scat Singing

Stormy Monday - T Bone Walker

Stormy Monday - Eva Cassidy

Stormy Monday - Lou Rawls

Stormy Monday - Dianne Reeves, David Peaston & David Sanborn