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Microphones & Technique

Pitch, Pipe, Pressure.
A practical look at the wonderful relationship between air-flow, pharynx and larynx.

The Seven States of High - suggestions and experiences regarding the singing of high notes.
We all like to sing high it seems - though there is much to be had lower down. I share my experiences singing and teaching falsetto/head voice, blend/mix voice, high chest and such.

Ad-libs vs Riffing & Running vs Scat Singing

The Power & The Glory - Saint CJ Explores.
Saint CJ develops his gospel voice.
Excerpt from Bishop Neal Roberson's 'He Saw Me'.

Might, Masculinity & Majesty,
The Male Human Voice at Maximum!
Lots of MMMs huh. My experiences in being fully open, at full power, without doubt.

Lovin' The Lows - my suggestions on
how to approach low notes.