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I have been teaching at The BRIT School since it opened in 1991 and how the world has changed. Songs for students that I would struggle to find back in the day, can now be found online for free, only days after release - even Adele’s latest recordings! It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that (in this business) if you’re not online... you’re nowhere.

The technology is available to build an online presence and (provided you’re ready) the sooner the better, as it takes a while to spread. There are loads of videos of singers with flashing lights, auto-tune and all sorts of technical enhancement but I feel all that’s really required is a good song, well sung, captured as is - simply.

Raison d’être:

• To provide a video recording that could serve as a ‘show reel’.

• To gain experience in performing on camera.

• To facilitate first steps in building an online presence.

• To use as a valuable improvement resource for student and teacher.

• For fun, to share with family, friends and fans.

How it works:

• 1 Singer

• 1 Instrument

• 1 Microphone

• 1 Camera

• 1 Take (mostly)

We choose a song that suits an 'acoustic' interpretation - some songs don't translate well when simplified. We rehearse the song and then record my playing (if I'm up to it) whilst the singer sings. This is important as I want my playing to reflect the singer's expression - after all, we are making music... I hope. I send the recording (no voice) so the singer can practise to it. We reconvene, the singer sings and the vocal is recorded, whilst I video the ‘performance’.

I'm obliged to Earthworks for providing their superb SV33 which captures every vocal nuance - I like to hear deep into the voice. The rest of the recording and video equipment is 'affordable' but these days, we're spoilt by the impressive quality available for a modest outlay. Generic eq and compression were applied - because we thought it would suit the average Internet connected device better and a splash of reverb ‘cause I like it.