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Mr. Manual’s Magical, Musical Vocal Warm-ups

Anyone For Tennis?

Of late, I have taken to doing 'call & response' warm-ups with students, rather than using one of the many warm-up compilations that I and others have made available. I find it's...

Of course, these pre-recorded warm-ups are not tailored to you personally but are general in nature. I hope that they will be engaging, useful, musical and fun but please watch the introduction first and remember the following points.

You are warming up so be gentle and easy, don't force; you don't have to get it 'right'. If I go out of your range, have a little go and If it doesn't work, choose a different note. If you can go higher than I, then go higher. Use all of your range. If I'm too quick then do something similar but slower. Try not to hesitate, stay in time. Do something rather than nothing.

It may take a while to get the hang of these but persevere.

For convenience mp3 audio only files can be downloaded from the links below:

Keeping it Manual, Magical & Musical.

1. Huffing, Puffing & Fricating

3. Twisting, Tripping & Gibbering

2. Humming, Trilling & Sirening