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The Sing Thing 1 aims to impart the kind of skills best suited to the medium of recorded singing tuition. It offers gradual improvements that students are able to realise. It is simple yet serious – cheerfully presented. The Sing Thing videos are available here:

The Sing Thing is not biased to one style of singing; it offers a series of well-structured and progressive exercises with an instrumental backing to help make practising your singing technique a musical event.

The Sing Thing 2 is for more experienced singers who already know their voices well, it features exercises for vocal accuracy and agility based around the Major, Chromatic, Whole Tone and Diminished scales. There are a couple of tricky exercises using Tri tone intervals and alternate Major and Minor arpeggios.

I’m aware that most of the aspiring singers I work with do not read music and are put off by its presence. The Sing Thing is expressly designed to work without any written music – without any written material at all! I hope The Sing Thing will be easy to use and will help improve your singing technique and your enjoyment of singing practice.

A Bit About The Author

I ‘m a working singer (pianist, guitarist, bass and percussion player) in the Soul, Blues & Jazz genres, I’ve been doing it since the ‘70's and I’m still doing it now - music is my thing. The tracks are based on tried and tested singing exercises and approaches which I have found invaluable for keeping my - and my students' voices - in shape and as a platform for developing advanced techniques.

Over the years I have worked with talented singers at the best music institutions in and around London:

Please visit my YouTube channel and check the ‘Playlists’ for performing and teaching evidence in amongst the other stuff.