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IRealPro - Hugely useful Android / Mac app for getting, managing and displaying or printing small band chord charts. Requires some chord notation knowledge but well worth the effort. Below is my video on using iRealPro on a windows PC - much easier for editing and compiling set lists with a keyboard, mouse and big screen.

Ultimate Guitar - A useful source of lyrics and chords - mostly pop standards but some jazz. Chords and lyrics need checking and editing so be careful. A good start. See my video below on pros and cons of this, iReal and paper charts.

www,thesingthing.com - for singing technique and resources.

www.themagicofthemicrophone.com - for mic technique and microphone reviews.

My YouTube Channel - all sorts of (mostly) music stuff.

This sub-site provides information about workshops and classes. Click the tabs at top for workshops. Click the logo on any page to go to The Sing Thing main site.

Below is some information and links that may be useful for the keener student.