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Using Microphones - Technique & Technology

Singers spend many hours honing their voices and much money on lessons, yet most have little idea about microphones and their use. The microphone is the first port of call next to your voice and anything it doesn’t capture, and anything it adds, will be amplified further down the chain. Why not give yourself the best chance of a great vocal performance by equipping yourself with a complimentary mike for your voice and style, followed by learning how to use it effectively.

What a microphone does (ear)

How would it be perfect?

Frequency plots and polar patterns - V90r &SR40V

A preponderance of presence!

Microphone Technique, handling, proximity (x2), plosives, esses, cupping

Microphone types and examples:

Earthworks SR40V - La Bestia  (High Definition Condenser)

Neumann KMS105 - La Mascara (Condenser)

DPA d:facto Linear - El Enigma (High Definition Condenser)

Beyerdynamic V90r - El Impresionista Seductor (Ribbon)

Shure KSM8 - El Operador Liso (Dual Diaphragm Dynamic)

How the sound you hear affects your singing and can lead to strain

Enhanced vs exposed frequencies

Detail & clarity vs intelligibility frequencies

Making jazz with the cornucopia, the smorgasbord of tones

A look at and demonstration of a stage vocal processor that includes reverbs, delays, EQ & compression, auto-tune

Why I think singing ‘in tune’ is overrated!

Acuity of pitch, as sung and heard (harmonic emphasis)

Technical requirements:

Full range p.a. system, 4 mike stands if possible, 4 mike inputs with phantom power, 4 mike XLR cables, means of seeing and hearing YouTube videos.