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‘Anton Browne, regular tutor on our popular Big Band Singing Summer School and tutor at The BRIT School since 1991, returns for another instalment of his course designed to introduce singers to the freedoms and disciplines of the Jazz/Soul/Pop singer in a practical way.’

Whilst working as Professor of Jazz Voice at Trinity College of Music in London for a number of years, I especially enjoyed working with ‘second study’ classical singers, they were superb musicians who wanted to explore jazz and popular styles. They knew their voices well and the value of practice but were somewhat flummoxed by the unfamiliar demands of singing jazz and pop styles, they had some limitations in common:

● Sometimes inappropriate voice tone and enunciation

● Rather stilted phrasing

● Lack of micro-phrasing & micro dynamics

● Fear of improvisation

In addition, most of these singers avoided chest voice (essential for much pop singing) and seemed to consider it a vulgar sound.

I enjoyed working with them because of their undoubted musicianship and knowledge of their instrument. They quickly grasped what I was demonstrating and understood it intellectually, but they couldn’t reproduce it, at least to begin with. They enjoyed working with me - I believe - because it was an expansion of their art and they relished the challenge.

This workshop is suitable for all singers wishing to explore jazz and popular styles.

Workshop Overview:

Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 19/279

Jazz & Pop Singing - Benslow Music Trust
Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th August 2019

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